Music Lessons


Guitar Lessons – Children

“Julian is very patient and helps my daughter understand the music in a way that has her excited to learn more. I am beyond grateful for our experience thus far and look forward to watching my daughters talent flourish with Julian’s help. I highly recommend him.” – Edie

I accept students as early as 8 years old. All of my child students are required to learn to read music using a great set of books that can be found here. Your child will enjoy learning to play guitar with the various tools, apps, books and “mini jams” with me that I have set up.

Learning to read will help them later on if they choose to enter a music program at their school with any other instrument.

All child lessons are required to have an adult present, this will help your child’s learning process so they remember what and how to practice at home.

For more information or to sign your child up, please contact me.
For information on rates, click here


Guitar and Bass Lessons – Adult

“I have been studying with Julian for a few years now. He has been such a wealth of knowledge. He is fluent in many many styles of music. His ability to connect with me is wonderful. I have never worried about being left behind during the lesson. He’s patient, understanding, willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I absorb what he is teaching.” – Tim

Adult lessons will vary depending on the students expectations and goals.

Basic elements of music and music theory are typically taught first so that we may move into the areas of interest of the student.

Elements such as:

  • Scales and Modes
  • Chord Progressions
  • Music Structure
  • Ear Training

All of my students are taught differently and geared to meet the students needs and levels.

For more information, please contact me


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