School of Music

The Musicology LLC is the only music school in San Antonio that employs a Grammy Award winning musician, a student of the Musicians Institute of Technology California (P.I.T.) and an instructor to high profile names, such as the San Antonio Spurs.

The Musicology LLC idea was developed by these local San Antonio Professional Musicians. The idea was simple; create an atmosphere where young musicians and adults could learn music from real musicians and teachers. This idea was implemented and put forth by 25 year music industry veteran, Julian Escobedo.

Private lessons are offered at various rates and time schedules ranging from 30 minutes to one hour. These lessons provide one on one instruction with the teacher and offer the most value to the students learning process.

For more information about our rates please CLICK HERE or the “Book Now” button on the right.

Julian Escobedo
Owner – Beginner-Intermediate Bass Guitar All Ages / Beginner Guitar 8-10yrs old

Julian has been performing music for about 25 years as a professional bass player.

Eleven of his 25 years were spent playing bass guitar, back-up/lead vocals, songwriting and arranging with Grammy Award Winning Emilio Navaira.
During which time, he had the pleasure of touring all over the United States, Mexico, Canada and Switzerland.

Julian has recorded on numerous CD’s, Commercials, Video Games and has received a Gold Record, Platinum Record and Grammy Certificate for his work with Emilio.

He has also played bass and toured with several other Tejano bands, such as, Bobby Pulido, Shelly Lares, Inocencia, Patsy Torres, The Rulees and Los Amables among others.

Julian currently plays locally with the band – Finding Friday.

James Garcia
Owner – Beginner-Intermediate Acoustic/Electric Guitar 11yrs-Adult

James has been playing guitar 25 years and playing professionally for 20 of those years. He has toured the U.S and Mexico with many different artist in the tejano industry.

James teaches most genres of music from rock, country, pop, funk and blues…just to name a few.

James’ teaching method draws from his years of live performance, making for a no nonsense approach to learning guitar.

Rene H. Solorzano
Owner – Beginner-Intermediate Drums/Percussion 8yrs-Adult

Rene has been playing drumset and percussion for 25 years.

He received a certificate of completion from the Musician’s Institute, The Percussion Institute of Technology, in Hollywood California in 1995.

Rene has been performing in various cover bands since 1996 and is currently studying for his degree in music under his mentor, local percussionist, Alice Gomez .
Rene is also the studio engineer for The Musicology Recording Studio.

Jane Jenkins – Voice

Jane Jenkins is an independent instructor not contracted through The Musicology.
For scheduling and pricing voice lessons, please contact Jane Jenkins directly:

Jane Jenkins is the founder of A Vibrant Voice, a professional vocal instruction studio where she teaches jazz, jazz scat, pop, rock, classical, and musical theatre. A versatile teacher and dynamic individual with her own performance background, she revels in teaching students of all ages, levels, and vocal registers. She attended the University of Texas and San Antonio College where she studied piano and voice. In the 1990’s she was introduced to the Speech Level Singing™ (SLS) method. An immediate enthusiast, she became a Certified Instructor. SLS now plays a key role in her own teaching methodology


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