“Julian should be at the top of your list for considering bass instruction. I have been studying with Julian for a few years now. He has been such a wealth of knowledge. He is fluent in many many styles of music. His ability to connect with me is wonderful. I have never worried about being left behind during the lesson. He’s patient, understanding, willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I absorb what he is teaching. In the beginning, he taught me theory, which was easily understandable. It was well explained and was used as a building block for the more advanced teaching that came later. There was never any pressure to learn faster. Everything was on my time, and at my speed. There was never a question of his loyality to my schooling. I can honestly say that he loves his students, and is overjoyed as they succeed. Since studying with him. I have now become a professional musician, playing in many different successful bands. Everytime I recieve a compliment, I think of him guiding me to become a better player. I owe alot of my success to him. On a personal level. Julian is honest, caring, and a role model to me. I am proud to call him my friend, I would enthusiasticly endorse him to anyone, of any age, at any level of playing to study with him. A+” – Tim

“Highly Recommend!!!!!l,,

I have to say I recommend Julian to anyone who wants to learn how to play and understand music. I’ve been taking bass lessons from him for the past couple years, when I started out I knew nothing about bass or music but knew I wanted to play, with weekly one on one lessons with him I’ve grown to play and understand music at my own pace. He is the coolest guy you’ll ever meet and talented. He also provides “Rock School” jam sessions with other students of all ages, so I no longer have to jam by myself. We sound good to. Highly recommended” – Romel

“Fantastic instructor and just all around awesome guy!! 5 star all the way. Top of the line instructor with years of invaluable real world gigging experience. Julian can take your bass playing to the next level. Or assist with guitar playing and songwriting. Anyone of any music genre, instrument, or age can benefit from lessons with Julian. Would definitely recommend. Best bassist in SA for sure!!” – Joseph


“My daughter has been asking to take Guitar Lessons for Years And I finally gave in thinking she would take a few and maybe find that it wasn’t for her, we were paired up with Julian based on availability and I have to say it could not have been a better fit for her or for my husband and I. Julian is very patient and helps my daughter understand the music in a way that has her excited to learn more. I am beyond grateful for our experience thus far and look forward to watching my daughters talent flourish with Julian’s help. I highly recommend him.” – Edie

“Mr. Julian is a 5 star instructor. My granddaughter has been taking lessons for a year now, he has patience with kids. I highly recommended him. His knowledge of music is amazing!” – Alexis

“I started out with absolutely no musical training at all. The first few sessions we spent on learning the basics of how to hold the instrument properly. Julian then asked me why I wanted to learn so that he could find the right method for me. Its been about 4 years and I feel I keep getting better. I have learned more than I ever thought id be able to. I even played live in front of fans before a stars game at the AT&T Center. Julian is a great instructor and will tailor your sessions based on what you want to learn, all the while giving you the proper tools to grow on your own and find your own sound.” – Frank

“Julian is an outstanding instructor. He has an amazing teaching ability, offering a great deal of knowledge and patience for people of all levels. I am really glad to have found a way to really learn what playing bass is all about. Thanks to Julian, I feel like I am able to hold my own if I ever try to look for a band to play with. I now feel like I can play and sound good doing it. Highly recommend!!” – Samuel

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